Sininen Tuli – Fuego Azul

Sininen Tuli – Blue Fire – Fuego Azul

Finnish singer, violinist and pianist Sanna Mansikkaniemi and Peruvian guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and musicologist Camilo Pajuelo meet in Blue Fire.

Blue Fire builds a bridge between the two different sonic worlds: Latin America and Finland and offers a large variety of musical genres from folk music into tango, from the agony of rhythms into a sentimental atmospheres. Duo has been founded in Summer 2013.

The Repertoire

Blue Fire offers different programs ranging from a short rendition of a couple of pieces to long concert performances. Each program is “tailored” to combine with the situation and we are open for suggestions.

Blue Fire works with innovative instrument combinations including violin, guitar, piano, organ, saw, charango, Andean flutes, among others. The repertoire consists of beautiful and touching songs in several languages, such as Finnish, Spanish, Quechua, Portuguese, English, and Swedish.

At present, the duo is working on a project entitled “The Roots of Tango”, which combines both research and performance. The project explores the origins, development, and perspectives of this genre, which has been strongly rooted not only in Finland but also in other countries.

The duo performs in concerts, private events, commercial events, churches, weddings and other family festivities. Besides to our activities as soloists we also co-operate with choirs and other musicians.

MISAS CRIOLLAS 30.10.2015 HELSINKI [English & Español]